Justyna (Dziechciarska) Posiecz-Polkowska

Dywizjonu 303 3a
Gdansk School of Mural

Based on an archive photograph taken at RAF Northolt in West London in 1940, the design uses the blueprints of a Spitfire fighter plane as a background. The aim is to show the pilots of 303 Squadron in an individual context away from the glamour of war heroes. The best example of an unconventional personality is squadron ace, Wing Commander Jan Zumbach (fifth from left), pseudonym Donald Duck, who after the war was a mercenary, smuggler, disco owner in Paris and airborne taxi pilot.

walek Justyna(Dziechciarska) Posiecz-Polkowska, Magdalena Melin, Anna Taut, Jacek Wielebski, Wojciech Woźniak.

From left: Mirosław Ferić, F/Lt John Kent (Kanada), Bohdan Grzeszczak, Jerzy Radomski, Jan Zumbach, Witold Łokuciewski, Zdzisław Henneberg, Jan Rogowski, Eugeniusz Szaposznikow.

Adam Korzeniewski

Fot. Adam Korzeniewski

Fot. ze zbiorów Polish Institute & Sikorski Museum. Fotograf nieznany.


Adept Gdansk School of Mural. A graduate of the Gdansk Academy of Fine Arts. The author of many pieces in public space. The winner of the competition for the mural on the wall of a shopping center in Krakow - the realization is one of the largest monumental painting pieces in Poland.


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