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Pan Liping (A Geng)

20 November 2014 | Tagi: , , , , ,

An encounter between generations, cultures and artistic visions. The systematic geometric structures of Edeltraut Rath from Germany and the spontaneity of Pan Li Ping from China meet on a wall in Nagórskiego Street. The result is a mural which really should be viewed in the full sunlight of the afternoon.


Edeltraut Rath

19 November 2014 | Tagi: , , ,

The second mural to recall the historic concert in the Rudy Kot club. The German artist takes us back to the 1950s, using a colour scheme and print styles straight from the early years of Rock’n’Roll. The painter’s journey in time was made easier by one resident of Skarżyńskiego Street, who, through an open window, played a Rhythm’n’Blues band, which Franciszek Walicki put on the stage of the Rudy Kot on 24th March 1959 .