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Zosen Bandido

21 November 2014 | Tagi: , ,

Zosen Bandido has created his own mythology, covering the walls and canvases with fantastical figures, whose names, histories and mutual relations are known only to the artist. His work in Zaspa, as he says himself, is a “bestiary” of his imagination.



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“Eternia” shows a world within a world, a micro and a macrocosm, the eternal cycle of day and night, birth and death, rise and fall. The breath which brings life also brings death. Happiness is the road to attaining your own internal state of mind, in which we see things as they are, without any extras.


Lucas Parbo

20 November 2014 | Tagi: , , ,

An apathetic rider with a standard displaying indifference and protected by a dubious shield with the figure of a modern-day European currency. In 2012 the Euro crisis was just beginning, and the significance of the Argentinian mural gained in strength along with the deepening problems of European debtors.