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David de La Mano and Pablo S Herrero

23 August 2015 | Tagi: , ,

These artists from Spain deliberately chose a wall hidden behind trees. The mural shows the community of humanity as a network, a system close to the order which prevails in nature. According to the Spaniards, man is still a part of nature and regardless of the development and technological progress, this is his final refuge.


Zosen Bandido

21 November 2014 | Tagi: , ,

Zosen Bandido has created his own mythology, covering the walls and canvases with fantastical figures, whose names, histories and mutual relations are known only to the artist. His work in Zaspa, as he says himself, is a “bestiary” of his imagination.



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Bajana 7a 2013 Monumental Art 2013 This work is a discussion on the process of globalisation and the tourist industry. The figures in the mural come from earlier photographs taken by San in popular tourist destinations – the Great Wall, the Grand Canyon, Uluru in Australia, and also in Spain in the artist’s home town. […]