David de La Mano and Pablo S Herrero


Pilotów 16a
Monumental Art 2015

These artists from Spain deliberately chose a wall hidden behind trees. The mural shows the community of humanity as a network, a system close to the order which prevails in nature. According to the Spaniards, man is still a part of nature and regardless of the development and technological progress, this is his final refuge.

David de la Mano Pablo Sanchez Herrero


Pablo S. Herrero works with disadvantaged areas: suburbs or desolated places nature takes over. He sees murals as interventions in cities reducing the distance between artistic visions and nature. He is now concentrating on small towns and outlying districts. His style evokes floral motifs. It shows the relation between dynamism and inactivity, individualism and community, emotion, power, and control, sustainable growth and instability, fragility and sturdiness.
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David de La Mano has painted over 100 works in public spaces in Spain, USA, Norway, Tunisia, Argentina, England, Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, Italy, and Portugal. His mostly monochromatic murals present people and trees. Lots of his works have been created with Pablo S. Herrero, and it will too be the case at Monumental Art.
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