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Monumental Art 2012

The mural of this Swedish trio depicts a rocket, a totem symbolising an avaricious civilisation. The rocket will allow humanity to emigrate to another planet when Earth has been fully exhausted of natural resources. The title The Future was Here is a tag, or a signature in graffiti culture, left behind to indicate where they’ve been. The Swedes leave no room for doubt – if we don’t limit our greed, our days on Earth are numbered.

THE FUTURE WAS HERE relates to graffiti and leaving à signature on every place you have been, to show just what i says "i've been here". In the same time as the text relates to this it can also refer to the negligible truth that every step humanity takes will and have already affected the future that lays ahead.. A world that is ruled by greed for power and shortsighted profits, will in the end have used up all resources and Will have to find new places to exploit profit and live on. The spaceship is a totem of our civilization!!

Fot. Łukasz Głowala

Fot. Łukasz Głowala


Wallride is a trio of Swedish visual artists, Martin Håkansson, Bo Rutter and Simon Karström. Collective's roots go back to the scene skate and graffiti. Their work can be described as a broad concept of visual communication in the public space and as with other Monumental Artparticipants , it is not limited to the mural.

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