Shai Dahan

Pilotów 6f
Monumental Art 2013

This mural is inspired by the history of the American Express pilot from the 1920s, who made an emergency landing in a field of cows. In his attempt to save the animals, he damaged the fence, which allowed the frightened herd to escape. The artist working in large format in public space is in a similar situation to the unlucky pilot. Even the best of intentions do not guarantee a positive reception of his work. When taking the decision to paint the pilot, Shai had no idea that his work would end up on a street named after pilots, on the site of the former airport from which Zaspa emerged.

Fot, Łukasz Głowala


Shai Dahan - American painter born in Haifa (Israel), street artist, cartoonist, illustrator and creator of installations. Curator of  No Limit Borås festival.

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