Pilotów 6a
Monumental Art 2009

The mural was created on the 50th anniversary of Poland’s first rock concert, which took place in the Gdańsk club Rudy Kot (Ginger Cat). The artist had first planned to paint the ‘Devil’ card from the Tarot. The proximity of a church led to a change in the vision and Ozmo finally painted a self-portrait based on an old Japanese print.

Adam Korzeniewski

Fot. Adam Korzeniewski


Italian painter, muralist, graphic artist. He has a number of prestigious monumental pieces, for example in MARCO, Museum of Contemporary Art in Milan, as well as in the United States, Libya, Tunisia, Cuba and in the United Kingdom. Apart from his work in the Monumental Art Collection, Ozmo created another monumental piece in Gdańsk in cooperation with M-City, in the back of the cinema Neptun in the Main Town in Gdansk.

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