Whirlpool and rainbow radiation

Dywizjonu 303 9d
Monumental Art 2014

The colours falling in a cascade from the top of the building are a symbol of the revitalisation that street art brings to public space. Opiemme, himself a poet, dedicated his mural to Wisława Szymborska. The colours in the upper part of the mural are designed to draw the observer towards the wall, where they are confronted by a fragment of Szymborska’s poetry, a line from the poem “Under One Small Star” - “Truth, please don’t pay me much attention./ Dignity, please be magnanimous.”

The colors that fall from the top of the buildings are to represent the colors that street artists bring into the urban spaces. They are to become the symbols of happiness and joy that the art is supposed to bring to the streets

fot. Lukasz Glowala

Wisława Szymborska, Under One Small Star, 1972.

Translated by Stanislaw Baranczak and Clare Cavanagh

My apologies to chance for calling it necessity.
My apologies to necessity if I’m mistaken, after all.
Please, don’t be angry, happiness, that I take you as my due.
May my dead be patient with the way my memories fade.
My apologies to time for all the world I overlook each second.
My apologies to past loves for thinking that the latest is the first.
Forgive me, distant wars, for bringing flowers home.
Forgive me, open wounds, for pricking my finger.
I apologize for my record of minuets to those who cry from the depths.
I apologize to those who wait in railway stations for being asleep today at five a.m.
Pardon me, hounded hope, for laughing from time to time.
Pardon me, deserts, that I don’t rush to you bearing a spoonful of water.
And you, falcon, unchanging year after year, always in the same cage,
your gaze always fixed on the same point in space,
forgive me, even if it turns out you were stuffed.
My apologies to the felled tree for the table’s four legs.
My apologies to great questions for small answers.
Truth, please don’t pay me much attention.
Dignity, please be magnanimous.
Bear with me, O mystery of existence, as I pluck the occasional thread from your train.
Soul, don’t take offense that I’ve only got you now and then.
My apologies to everything that I can’t be everywhere at once.
My apologies to everyone that I can’t be each woman and each man.
I know I won’t be justified as long as I live,
since I myself stand in my own way.
Don’t bear me ill will, speech, that I borrow weighty words,
then labor heavily so that they may seem light.


Opiemme z from Italy, works with painting, poetry and installations in publuc space, his works are full of poetics aimed at the art’s accessibility in the urban environment so as to be open for the public interpretation.

http://www.opiemme.com/ https://www.facebook.com/OPIEMME https://www.instagram.com/opiemme/ http://opiemme.tumblr.com/ https://twitter.com/Opiemme

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