Maciej Salamon

Nagórskiego 5c
Monumental Art 2014

The mural depicts a construction with which we could go on a journey beyond daily life. Forget about the destination and concentrate on the fact that the road itself might be more interesting that what awaits us at its end. In the artist’s eyes, the road is more significant than the destination to which it leads.

Road is the happiness. I keep saying that to myself whenever I am on the road. When I am tired, the train is hot and I smell some gross food from the person sitting next to me or I have to listen to someone else’s endless phone conversation – this is when I need to remind myself that road is the happiness. My mural presents the construction that allows us to embark on the journey beyond the ordinary. To forget the destination and focus on the road itself, as it can be more interesting than our aim itself. That is why I picture the road that has no end, because it is not what counts

Maciej Salamon


Maciej Salamon, Gdańsk Academy of Fine Arts graduate paints “wherever he can”. He is also into screen printing and graphics. He is one of the founders of Grupa Krecha, and the  creator of artistic installations and murals. Apart from that, he is the lead singer, lyricist and guitarist in Nagrobki band.

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