Emil Goś

Bałtycka puszka

Dywizjonu 303 3f
Gdańsk School of Mural

Emil Goś, the most active native of Wrocław from the Gdańsk School of the Mural has changed the wall of a block in Dywizjonu 303 St. into an a typical tin containing the most popular Polish fish from the Baltic – flounder, cod, herring and goby.

Emil Goś

Fot. Adam Korzeniewski


Adept of the Gdańsk School of Mural aka Barbarossa. Graphic designer, illustrator, muralist. He made more than a dozen murals, mainly in the Tri-City and Breslau where he studied at the Fine Arts Academy.

https://www.facebook.com/Emil-Go%C5%9B-Malarstwo-329837163721307/?fref=ts https://emilgos.carbonmade.com/

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