Dywizjonu 303 17b
Monumental Art Festival 2011

A woman with Neapolitan features impatiently waits for a chick to hatch. In the design sent by Dem before the festival began, the eggshell was already broken and the newly hatched bird was flying from the nest. We’re hoping that one day Dem will relieve the heroine of her suspense and paint a happy ending.


Fot. Adam Korzeniewski


Like a modern Alchemist, Dem creates weird characters, surreal creatures, inhabitants of the zones not visible in the world of people. He allows the viewer to find the key to this enigmatic and mysterious world through allegory rich wall paintings, illustrations and installations. In addition to painting the walls of the abandoned and forgotten buildings or factories – the perfect background for his work - Dem wa also featured by the Oro Gallery in Gothenburg and participated in exhibitions such as "Street Art, Sweet Art" (PAC, Milan), Nomadaz (Scion Gallery, Los Angeles) and "CCTV" Gallery Aposthrofe, Hong Kong.

Dem site

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