Alfalfa / Licuado

Nagórskiego 12f
Monumental Art 2015

This mural in Zaspa is the largest work in the history of Uruguayan muralism. It shows a cockerel with a comb representing the skyline of Gdańsk and a Polish girl helping a Uruguayan boy to realise his dreams. On the boy’s T-shirt, apart from the Uruguayan flag, we see badges, showing a cup for drinking yerba mate (the most popular South American infusion), Palacio Salvio (the most recognisable building in Montevideo), an artist’s roller and the artists themselves holding hands.

Alfalfa + Licuado


The Licuado collective was created four years ago by Camilo Núñez and Florencia Duran. Their aim is collective painting, as they believe the team work adds life to both public and their own private space. Camilo and Florencia explore specific environments, linking them and their culture and traditions, with their own painting and their aesthetics. They have painted in Buenos Aires, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, as well as during the Urban Art Latinamerican Festival or the MUTA Montevideo.

Alfalfa aka Nicolas Sanchez. His works are a cornucopia of forms and ideas never losing their individual style. He draws inspiration from religions, especially Hinduism – that is why he often depicts figures with many arms and eyes, and animal heads. There are references to bestiaries from the Middle Ages, too, in the works of Alfalfa; he is especially interested in sea monsters. His style blends French symbolism, colourful pop comics, and street aesthetics. Alfalfa’s murals can be seen in Montevideo, Cumana, Caracas, and Lima.
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