David Petroni

Memories of Amber / Memorias del Ambar
Pilotów 14F
Monumental Art 2016

David Peroni aims to explore the patterns of growth in nature by applying the means of geometry. He treats buildings as large trees in urban forests.'

The purpose of this project is to reflect a living trunk with a chromatic coexistence.
A growth in space, from earth to heaven. Homage paid to nature. Colors, warm and cold, are presented as a metaphor of the Polish climate. It is important that this living work dialogues with the spatial context it grows within. Geometric shapes are based on fractals that shape every single piece of life that grows on Planet Earth and in the Universe.
The tree I am painting relates to Gdańsk. It is a conifer tree, and the colours symbolise Polish climate. Moreover, amber, which is a protection element of a tree, is commonly connected with the region of Baltic Sea. Amber fossilises with time and it needs to be rebuilt and it reminds me of Gdańsk as a city. It was destroyed, fossilised and it had to be reconstructed.