Skarżyńskiego 4a
Monumental Art 2015

The mural was created using the hand-cut stencil technique. The hero is arctium, or burdock, a plant of the ruderal species, which has successfully adapted to the changes brought about by aggressive urbanisation. Burdock is found everywhere on large urban residential estates and as such, can be seen as symbolic of them.



Monstfur was founded in 2006 by two young artists from Częstochowa. It is a joint project and a creation of a virtual author at the same time. Monstfur concentrates on hand-made stencils. It is his favourite technique – precise like movements of an insect, flawless, with lots of room for expression, and open to other media. Monstfur is patient and he likes his job. He draws his inspiration from Polish absurd sense of humour, depicting humans’ curious behaviours and traditions. His works are mostly stories of Everyman and his world of deviations, habits, and weaknesses, but also – joy and remarkable interests. He likes to evoke his early childhood in the 80s – their industry in its general sense, design, and social infrastructure.

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