Monumental Art 2009

The concept of painting in Zaspa (the only world gallery of murals created on the walls of tower blocks) was brought back after the agreement between the European Capital of Culture 2016 Candidate Office and Piotr Szwabe - the organizer of Zaspa 2009 Festival of Monumental Painting. The paintings are to cover the walls of blocks of flats, which total area is estimated at 1500 square meters. Their themes are to be bound with a series of significant anniversaries: 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the World War II, the 70th anniversary of Stanislaw Witkacy's death, 20 years of the Round Table Agreement (the historical summit of the representatives of Solidarity movement and communist authorities which marks the fall of totalitarian system in Europe) and 50 years of the first rock'n'roll concert in Poland, which took place in Gdansk.
The festival brought together artists, whose concern is not only their artistic creation, but the residents of the area who will be in a way “convicted” to daily contact and coexistence with their works. The images were to correspond with the context of the place. Simultaneously they were also going to democratically combine various conventions of mural and graffiti.
Residents of Zaspa were also be involved in the creation of mural paintings. A group the Workers of Art who prepare the work to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Witkacy’s death, invited everyone to send their favorite quotations from artist's texts. The quotations were be used as a part of their mural.

» Prace wykonane w 2009 roku.